PHB Ethical Beauty

We at Ethical Superstore are constantly striving to bring you products that make you feel good. PHB Ethical Beauty, one of our newest brands, is committed to creating products that make you feel good. All products are handmade in the UK.

PHB stands for Pure. Handmade British, and the company was founded by Rosie Brown who believes everyone should enjoy ethical risks at, conscious and effective beauty products. Rose was aware of the harmful ingredients found in skin care products and cosmetics. She created a range inspired by nature that will care for you as well as the planet.

PHB Ethical Beauty beauty products are organic, the ethical risks sourced, and gentle on your skin. Your skin absorbs approximately 60% of what you put on your skin. This means that any products for skin and body care that contain harsh chemicals, such as parabens or phthalates, will end up in your skin. PHB Beauty only uses natural derived products that have been proven safe and effective.

PHB Ethical Beauty Products do not Contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Animal Ingredients
  • Parabens
  • PEG/Petrochemicals
  • Palm Oil
  • Formaldehyde
  • Synthetic Fragrance/Parfum
  • DEA/TEA/Phthalates
  • Colourants/Dyes
  • Urea.


Mica recently hit the headlines after it was revealed that the ingredient is often mined in unethical ways, sometimes in hazardous conditions, and sometimes by children. PHB Ethical Beauty is happy to report that mica used in make-up products is fair trade ethical mined in India. The owners also help fund daycare centres and schools in India to improve the quality life of their employees.

PHB Ethical Beauty donated 20% of its net profit to charities in April 2015. They hope to one day be a non-profit organization that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. In the meantime, they are working on their own charity, The OneLove Foundation.

The following charities are supported currently 

Orbis/Vision for Zambia is an international charity working to prevent and treat blindness. They opened the first Zambian children’s eye clinic in Kitwe in 2011.

Sense is a national charity which supports and campaigns to support children and adults with sensory impairments or deafblindness.

There are several local food banks, including the Birmingham Central Food Bank and Ladywood Food Bank. They also donate items that they don’t use during weekly shopping.

Sifa Fireside, and Birmingham Homeless Outreach are two charities that provide support and help for the homeless of Birmingham. Eco-friendly Packaging

PHB Ethical Beauty also cares about the environment and uses post-consumer recycled packaging. You can recycle most of the packaging, including the PET bottles, aluminium lids, and glass jars, once you have finished using the products.