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When your eyes get exposed to too many blue light rays emitted from phone/computer screens and even from the sun, they get severely damaged for a more extended period. You can’t avoid using the screens and going out in the sun; however, what you can do is, try out for the solution of protecting your eyes from being damaged, even when you are exposed to blue light rays. You don’t have to worry about the issue, as there are many ways that you can try to protect your eyes. Blue light filtering glasses and zFORT™ blue light blockers are two of the most effective ways that you can use to solve the issue. These protect your eyes from being exposed to harmful rays and are a practical solution, especially when you spend much of your time on screen or outside of homes.

Get to know the blue light. 

Sunlight is made of a mixture of colors, including yellow, red, green, orange, and blue light rays, and each light ray has its energy and wavelengths levels. The blue light rays have a much shorter wavelength between 380nm and 500nm, which is exceptionally high. It is scientifically proven that when these light rays reach up to the wavelength level between 415nm and 455nm, they get incredibly harmful for your eyes.

Some negatives and benefits of Blue Light rays 

Although blue light rays exposure can damage the eyes badly, this doesn’t imply that blue light rays are all damaging as we take them so. Some blue light exposure is essential as it regulates the sleep cycle, improves mood and memory, and helps in stable eye-development in children of all ages.

However, when your eyes get excessively exposed to these blue light rays, they can get damaged easily. These blue light rays are incredibly harmful to your eye’s retina as they prevent clear vision through your eyes. It also causes digital eye strain. So, it’s always good not to get your eyes exposed to these harmful blue light rays for a more extended period as any damage to your eye health can lead to other severe physical and mental health problems.

What is zFORT™? 

zFORT™ is a blue light block technology that was recently introduced by SmartBuyGlasses. This is considered a powerful technology that effectively blocks the blue light rays ranging between 380nm and 500nm. It also prevents these rays from reaching your eyes and damaging them.

When you choose to go for blue light blocking glasses, you get an increased chance of enjoying your screen time. zFORT™ offers you an easy way of turning any regular pair of sunglasses directly into computer glasses without ever replacing them. This way, you can save money and also keep your eye-health intact. The plus point is, you can buy them online from the SmartBuy Collection.

Why do we choose zFORT and prefer you to consider them too? 

Following are some of the most genuine reasons we choose zFORTand prefer to consider it if you want to keep your eye health intact.

  1. zFORT™ is effective in reducing the glare up to a considerable extent, especially when you are gaming, working, or looking at the computer screen for a more extended period.
  2. zFORT™ reduces the eye-strain that you get by continuous exposure to blue light rays. This aids you in using your computer/phone screens for an extended period.
  3. zFORT™ helps improve your sleep pattern, which also gets disturbed due to continuous exposure to blue light rays.