Benefits and Importance of Capping Your Windows and Doors

Attaining the exterior of your home should be just as beautiful and well-kept as its interior is of equal importance, since aesthetics play a large part in its curb appeal and energy efficiency. Doors and windows especially can add tons of aesthetics while simultaneously improving energy efficiency if in good condition – one way capping can help ensure this!

What is capping?

Capping of wooden windows and doors provides an alternative solution for protecting their trim and frames without the expense of full replacements. Capping typically comprises aluminum sheeting or vinyl placed over top of frames to protect from peeling or warping while simultaneously cutting maintenance costs; no longer will wood require painting every couple of years! In addition, capping can prolong life as exposed wood becomes damaged quickly when exposed to moisture; aluminum and vinyl sheets offer protection as they’re resistant to it and extremely durable materials that provide long-term solutions.

Benefits of capping

Capping can offer additional advantages to your home. Aside from security reasons, capping can add aesthetic charm by instantly updating its appearance – capping comes in various colours so you’re free to paint it any way you see fit! Select a color that complements your exterior, or opt for something unexpected for added impact. Capping improves energy use in your home by controlling heat loss through doors and windows; capping windows helps stop air leaks that cause temperatures inside to fluctuate excessively; plus other methods exist for finding and sealing leaks in your home’s structure.

Aluminum vs vinyl capping

Vinyl or aluminum capping are two popular choices, each offering their own advantages: both are water-resistant, low maintenance options with aluminum providing an elegant appearance while being available with various finishes like semi-gloss, high gloss or flat finishes. Vinyl provides the appearance of wood’s natural form without having to replace trim on wood trim – rather than replacing with plastic, vinyl can add protection while maintaining that look while giving natural wood look; ultimately the choice between the two options comes down to personal taste and style – both will enhance both aesthetics and value of your home!