Zero Waste Shampoo “Beauty Kubes”

There are exciting new developments in Beauty Kubes, with savvy minds coming up with innovative ways to package everyday items in plastic-free containers.

One of the most innovative new ideas is from the UK: solid shampoo cubes that can be broken down with water to create a shampoo paste. This shampoo paste is completely free of plastic packaging

What are Beauty Kubes?

The shampoo Kubes, which are made in Cornwall, England, come in small squares and are packed in a cardboard container.

Each Kube contains a specific amount of water to wash hair. Simply take one Kube and walk into the shower. You can then use the Kube to dry your hair by rubbing it in your hands.

Each box contains 27 Kubes, which are equivalent to a 250-300 ml conventional shampoo bottle.

Beauty Kubes can be Found here:

  • Cruelty-free (not tested on animals).
  • Palm oil and palm oil derivatives free
  • Plastic packaging is completely eliminated
  • Vegan – No animal derived ingredients
  • Made from mostly organic ingredients
  • Sulphate surfactants are not allowed
  • It is enriched with plant oils, such as coconut milk and citrus oils.


Tapioca starch and Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Cocos Nucifera milk powder*, Inulin. *Organic ingredient Occurs naturally within essential oil. Beauty Kubes also offers conditioners in the same Kube format. However, most customers don’t find conditioner necessary as the Kubes do not dry.

A combined travel shampoo-body wash Kube is also available – both in a male and unisex versions – making it ideal for traveling. Eve of St Agnes is the brand behind Beauty Kubes. This natural and organic beauty brand was established in 2012. Although they launched Beauty Kubes last ye, they plan to add more plastic-free beauty products in the future. A zippered cotton canvas pouch with their Beauty Kube shampoo and Eve of St Agnes range of skincare products is another of their lovely offerings. The face cream and body lotion, which are vegan and enriched in botanical oils, are packaged in a recyclable aluminium Tin. I personally love the Ethique hair products but they don’t suit Henrietta’s hair so well. This could be a great alternative and a fantastic step towards zero waste living.

What is Hard Water?

High mineral content areas. Minerals are what make hair strands stand tall. Minerals will be pulled in by soap molecules. This will make it more difficult to remove natural shampoo from your hair and can affect the way your hair feels. While some natural dry shampoo bars are more effective in soft water due to the lower mineral content, others can be used in hard water.

What is SLES, and Parabens?

SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a chemical that is often found in shampoos, soaps, shower gels, toothpastes, and mainstream shampoo. It traps oil-based dirt and can be washed with water. It foams well and makes the lather most people expect when washing their face, hair, or body.

SLS can be very drying on hair and skin. This is likely to lead to conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Over time, sulphates can cause skin to become brittle and can also have an adverse effect on cell membranes.

SLES – Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate is also known as SLS, but ethylene oxide has been added. Although it is said to be gentle and moisturizer for the skin, both SLS (Sodium lauryl ether sulphate) and SLES can irritate the eyes and skin. It can also cause irritation to the water supply and can damage aquatic life. Both can be made from coconut oil, but they are more commonly made from petroleum or palm oil. Both of these can be unsustainable, and they are bad for your skin.

Parabens, chemicals used in personal hygiene organic shampoo products for over 50 years, are used to kill bacteria and prevent mould. Some parabens Beauty Kubes have been shown to mimic the activity of estrogen in cells. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer in some cases. Parabens have not been linked to cancer, but there is no scientific evidence. Parabens can dry out hair, cause irritation to the scalp and strip colour from colour-treated hair.