A mini “Beauty Blender Washing Machine”

We need Beauty Blender Washing Machine

We often wonder how we would survive without our multi-functional beauty tools, whether it’s a hair-trimmer that can remove split ends or a wearable meditation tool Beauty Blender Washing Machine that helps us achieve that state of mind.

We were intrigued when we first heard about a mini beauty blender washing system. A handy solution is available if you are guilty of not cleaning your makeup sponges regularly.

First, we should mention that the mini washer, which was discovered by Tiffany Lynette Davis, a essence of beauty blogger, uploaded a video to Instagram. It is a small, plastic toy that is designed for children. It still functions as a regular washing machine. There is a spin cycle that runs on batteries and a draining hose. Before  adding the Beauty Blender Washing Machine, Davis adds water to the drum and adds some GlamGlow Gentle bubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser. Davis then drains the water from the spinner using the mini hose. She adds water to the blender for a final rinse.

Davis points out that the machine will not work well on heavily soiled makeup sponges. However, it is great for light-used beauty society that require refreshing – which should be done about once per week to prevent grime. Davis’s review states that she would recommend the machine for daily use.

You can use it, and if your like me, and like cute, girly gadgets that are fun and feminine, you will love this. Reddit thread discussing cleaning makeup brushes and other tools.

  • One user said that they actually use their Beauty Blender Washing Machine.
  • They said that people would be horrified, but they told me to put my brushes in the washer.kinder beauty box

I pre-soak them with a soapy solution to break down the product, then put them in a pillowcase and tie it shut. Then, wash them Beauty Blender Washing Machine on a warm/delicate/no-spin cycle. They come out spotless, and I haven’t had one of them fall apart yet. One person asked: “That’s so crazy, it just might work!” Are they washed with clothes, or by themselves?

Another one said, “Very ingenious!”

They also added that they keep a few towels around so they have “something to rub against.” She didn’t care if they fell apart during the spin cycle. We are curious about the future of the eyeshadow applicators in dishwashers.