Shuichi Saihara

Shuichi Saihara Loves a reality series 

Tsumugi Shirogane claims that Shuichi Saihara loves a reality series featuring deadly games called Danganronpa. It was created by Team Danganronpa. He revealed in his audience tape that he was excited to be the Ultimate Detective as he loves the characters associated with these titles. He will do everything possible to solve a murder that will be astonished the viewers. He was also awarded the title and talent of the Ultimate Detective. All this was done to please Danganronpa’s audience from around the globe.

Shuichi, who was completely different from the others, entered the Ultimate harmony science academy for Gifted Juveniles after the fabrication process was complete. This officially began the 53rd killing season, also known as the Killing School Semester.

Fabricated Past

Shuichi Saihara’s memories were created by Team Danganronpa after he was accepted for the 53rd Killing Game.

Shuichi’s parents were a prominent actor and screenwriter. Shuichi moved in with his uncle and wife after he lost his job. Shuichi Saihara says there is no sad story, but his parents are neglectful to him and he smiles bitterly when he speaks about them. Shuichi, to show his appreciation to his uncle, worked as his assistant at his detective agency. He was just helping and didn’t want to become a detective, but he did learn how to be one. Shuichi Saihara’s first detective case was an unofficial one. His classmate had asked him to find her pet alligator. He had to research extensively, prepare tools, climb mountains, and swim up rivers. Shuichi’s classmate gave him chocolate as a thank you for finding her pet. He assumed that it was just a gift for their friendship. Shuichi was happy to help and he remembered her words “thanks”. His first case was an infidelity case. It was nothing compared with the alligator case.

His uncle was most likely to be involved in small cases like investigating infidelity. But Shuichi did solve a murder case quicker than the police, earning him the title of junior detective. Shuichi doesn’t believe he is worthy of the title. He claims that he solved this case by accident. 

The situation was actually more complicated. Shuichi captured the culprit and his eyes were filled with hatred and malice when he looked at Shuichi Saihara. The boy will never forget that look. Shuichi Saihara later learned that the culprit had murdered the victim in revenge for his family. The victim was a terrible person who had tricked his family into giving up and drove them to suicide. Shuichi felt guilty about “siding” with the victim, and felt that everything was his fault for exposing the truth. Shuichi developed a fear of the truth and began wearing a hat to avoid looking at other people’s eyes.

Shuichi, along with the other 15 students, had a fake backstory. This was The Gofer Project. It allegedly took place before the killing game began. After countless meteorites crashed into Earth, the government initiated it. The government chose a few outstanding human beings to be the first to escape the spaceship. This was in an effort preserve humanity’s last vestiges before it was destroyed.

Shuichi was selected along with fifteen other high school students to take part. They did not want to leave their loved ones and tried to escape the plan.

A cult of extremists was established around that time. They believed the meteor crashes were a punishment that humanity was being dealt. After hearing about The Gofer Project, they attempted to stop it. The “Ultimate Hunt”, which spread around the globe, was started, and sixteen students were arrested.

Danganronpa V3CG – Mass funeral for Students

The government decided to stop the situation by infaking students’ deaths to calm down the “Ultimate Hunt” and provide protection for the students. While the Earth was being destroyed, the Gofer Project was put into motion. Shuichi, along with the others, traveled to space in a large spaceship colony. This was the true Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles.

Kokichi Oma, who claimed to be Junko Enoshima’s Remnants of Despair, said that he was the mastermind behind Junko’s Killing School Semester. He allowed Monokuma into the spaceship, forcing Shuichi and other participants in the Killing game plan. Shuichi received the entire memory of The Gofer Project Chapter 5 via Flashback Light. School Semesters Done


Shuichi Saihara was awakened in a locked room of an unsettling classroom filled with futuristic motifs and overgrown vegetation. Shuichi was met by Kaede Akamatsu, a woman about his age, as he stumbled out of the locker. The duo became confused and scared and decided to explore the area. Unbeknownst to them, an Exisal, a large robot, was waiting for them. It was leading them to the gym where fourteen other students were already present.

Shuichi and Kaede were more confused than ever after meeting the 14 other students in the gym. Shuichi would be confronted with more questions than answers when all five Exisals showed up in the gym and began to threaten the students. The Exisals’ control realized that they were not supposed to be using them yet and had gone out of their script. The five Exisals controllers exited the robots and introduced themselves as the Monokuma Kubs. The Kubs gave sixteen uniforms to school students. They replaced their school uniforms with newer uniforms, so that they could look more like the “Ultimates.” The Kubs then give each student their first memory via Flashback Light after everyone has been dressed in the new uniforms. Shuichi, along with the fifteen other talentless students, underwent the fabrication process. All of their past memories were erased and replaced by new, fictional characters. Shuichi and the fifteen other students were also awarded Ultimate talents. Shuichi was given the title Ultimate Detective. This was all done to make Team Danganronpa’s Killing Game more interesting. Shuichi and his fellow Killing Game participants entered the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles as completely different individuals. This officially began the 53rd Killing Game Season, also known as the Killing School Semester.

Shuichi awoke in the same locker that he had before and woke up with Kaede. They had no memory of their last meeting so they reintroduced each other. Both were now convinced that they were Ultimate students because of the new memory they had been given. Kaede believed she was the Ultimate Pianist and Shuichi believed he was the Ultimate Detective. After exploring the abandoned school, the pair introduced themselves to the fourteen students and were then told by the Monokuma Kubs that they should assemble at the gymnasium. Kaede, Shuichi and everyone else made their way to the gymnasium immediately. They were also introduced to their father, Monokuma Kubs, who is the headmaster at the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles. Monokuma announced that all 16 Ultimate students would take part in a Killing Game. This was much to the dismay, horror and shock of most students. The Killing Game officially began with students’ complaints falling on deaf ears.

Death Road of Despair

The rules for the Killing Game were quickly uploaded to everyone’s Monopad. Students became more upset at the idea that they would be forced to take part in the Killing Game. Despite all the student discord, Kaede proved to be a great leader and brought everyone together through a motivational speech. Gonta Gokuhara (the Ultimate Entomologist) recalled a manhole he found in the boiler room behind school. Shuichi and his companions decided that it was best to check it out at the very least, in the hope that it would lead them out of the school.