Who is “Paige Turco”?

Paige Turco Career

She made her acting debut in 1987 with the soap opera titled “Guiding Light” where she played a supporting role, Dinah Chamberlain. Paige Turco for the next two seasons, she appeared in the opera and was back for 18 episodes. Following her role on ‘All My Children,’ she played a recurring role as Melanie ‘Lanie Cortlandt Rampal, which aired 16 episodes between 1989 and 1991.

In 1991, she made her film debut as April O’Neil, a leading role in the fantasy comedy drama ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret of the Ooze’. In 1993, she reprised her role as April O’Neil in the third installment of the series win. The films received mixed reviews, but were commercially successful.



She also played one of the leading roles in 1994’s independent drama film, titled “Dead Funny”. The film was both a critical and commercial failure. She played Louise. She also appeared in a supporting role on the television system drama series “Winnetka Road” that was broadcast the following year.

She appeared in supporting roles on a number of series, including ‘NYPD Blue,’ ‘Party of Five,’ and American Gothic’ during the 1990s. She played back-to-back supporting roles and also played key roles on films like ‘The Pompatus of Love, ‘Vibrations,’ and ‘Dark Tides.

She played the role of Cassandra in an independent drama film called ‘Urbania’ in 2000. Although the film was not released theatrically, it was critically acclaimed and was selected for screening at numerous film festivals. She also played the role of Elena in Paige Turco’s independent film, ‘Astoria’.

She played Terri Lowell, one of the main roles in 2001’s action drama series ‘The Agency’. It was based on the inner workings and operations of the CIA. It ran for two seasons and featured 44 episodes.


After her appearance in the pilot episode of the series titled Women in Law,’ she was cast in small roles in series such as Rescue Me’ or ‘Big Shots’. She then played a supporting role in the television movie titled Taking Chance’ as Stacey Strobl. It was a critical hit and was chosen to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

She also appeared in a guest role on the 2009 series titled “Life on Mars” and was followed by a supporting role, in the same Paige Turco Year, as Christine Purcell on the television series titled “Damages”.

Paige Turco, an American 

Actress, is best known for her role as April O’Neil on the two ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ films in the 1990s. Born and raised in Massachusetts, USA. She always wanted to be a ballerina. After taking ballet lessons, she joined New England Dance Conservatory and other dance companies.

After Paige Turco, her ballerina career was flourishing, she sustained an ankle injury and had to stop dancing. However, she became interested in acting and graduated in Drama from University of Paige Turco Connecticut. She made her television debut in 1987 as Dinah Chamberlain, a supporting character in 18 episodes of the soap-opera titled “Guiding Light”. The soap-opera was followed by another supporting role titled “All my Childrens Books“. Her film career began in 1991 with “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II – The Secret of the Ooze” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III”. She was a star of the series and made a name for herself. She appeared in many films, including ‘Vibrations,’ ‘Rhinoceros eyes’, and series such as “The Agency”, “The 100”, and “Person of Interest”. She was a supporting character in the television movie titled “Separated at birth.”

Childhood and Early Life

Paige Turco was the daughter of Jean Paige Turco and Joyce Jean Turco in Boston, Massachusetts on May 17, 1965. She is of French, Italian, and English ancestry. Shortly after her birth, her father died. Paige Turco grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts with her mother.

Since she was a child, she was fascinated by performing arts. She was interested in acting, but she didn’t want to be an actor. She wanted to be a ballet dancer. As a child, she took ballet classes extensively. She went to Walnut Hill School, where she continued her education and took ballet lessons.

She was a soloist with the New England Dance Conservatory and The Amherst Ballet Theatre Company during her teenage years. When she was looking forward to a career as a classical ballet dancer, an accident caused her to lose her right ankle. She had to stop immediately.

After the accident, she became depressed and admitted to feeling ill for a time.

She did not abandon performance arts, and she decided to pursue acting as a career. She enrolled at Bay Path College, and she completed her drama major from the University of Connecticut.

She played the role of Zoe Morgan from 2011 to 2016. Then she was cast as a regular in the series ‘The 100’.

She has been spending more time on her television projects since the late 2000s. The last films she appeared in were titled “The Game Plan”, “The Favor”, and “The Stepfather”.

She was also seen in a supporting role in a film television movie titled “Separated At Birth”, in which she played Elizabeth Marshall.


Family and Personal Life

Paige Turco was raised religiously. Paige Turco is a passionate follower of Roman Catholicism.

Jason O’Mara, an Irish actor and actress, was her first date. Paige Turco and Jason O’Mara were married in 2003. They had a son, David, in 2004. In honor of her father, she named her son.

After a difficult year in 2017, the couple announced their separation in May 2017. Since then, they have filed for divorce.