Beauty Express: 10 Best Benefit

1 / Stretch to Relieve Stress

The stretching is easy, relaxing, and soft. It helps us to forget our tensions, and prevent the syndrome known as the inflator effect. This is a great way to end a meal or party. This is the ultimate “easy-gym”. The principle behind it is to Beauty Express stretch and lengthen your muscle fibers as much as possible to increase relaxation. Stress decreases when you focus on your muscles and your breathing. For 20 seconds, work in 4 to 5 positions. Do not push, the stretch shouldn’t hurt. No matter what position you are in, the only rule is to keep your back straight.

2 / Enhance his Beauty Express

Your skin texture may not be perfect. You don’t have to give up on your daily hydration goals. A super nourishing dairy milk can be mixed with glitter powder to create the illusion of a big night.

3 / Recover well with cold water

Cold showers are an old trick grandmother used to increase conversion circulation, improve the appearance of the skin, and restore tone until the late evening. The skin becomes shark-like after drying in a soft towel.

4 / Radiance filled up

To open pores and stimulate microcirculation, start by straightening the face with a warm, moist washcloth (about 1 minute in the microwave). Use warm water Beauty Express to rinse off the lotion. We then continue to improve the foundation’s skin circulation by applying radiant care. As an added bonus, the must is a hunting-grisaille topcoat that optimises foundation’s hold.

5 / A fresh, dynamic look

Eye patches can be used if you have them. It wrinkles well if you take small stainless steel spoons straight from the freezer and place them on your eyelids for a few seconds. We can then apply a targeted treatment by strumming the ring finger with our fingers to do a mini-drainage.

6 / A top-of-the-line hairstyle Beauty Express

  • There are two options to increase volume quickly

OPTION 1: in 30 seconds chrono: turn your head forward and crimp the top strands of your hair with your fingers. Next, straighten your cycling neck gaiter using a sharp twist. Spray a finishing spray and crimp two to three wicks if necessary.

Option 2: Place four scratch rolls on top of your head, and give it a quick heat dryer. After waiting 4 minutes, roll the scratch rolls gently and without pulling. Then, ruffle your fingers. You have two options: tie them in a ponytail or a knot at the nape.

7 / Doe eyes

Do you have the time? This is the ultimate recipe. Apply a frosted beige mascara on your entire eyelid. To boost your lashes, curl your upper lashes using a kohl pencil. You can boost your eyes by having your eyebrows brushed.

8 / A mouth that can chew Beauty Express

The cursor should be moved to the intensity of this color. It is the perfect color to add a stylish look to a little black dress, or a tuxedo. The real red is ours, promise. We start by blurring the red a bit with our baby fingers. Then we just redraw Cupid’s bow and the commissures using a pencil tone-on tone. The red becomes flattering over time.

9 / A complexion zero defect

The goal? The goal? A natural and superfinish complexion. It’s easy: spread a hazelnut from one of these foundations with your fingers. The pigment will imitate our skin, and then it melts in transparent.

10 / Soft hands, glamour Beauty Express

Did you remove your nail polish? Use a cotton swab soaked with solvent to equalize the area that is damaged. Next, apply varnish directly to the affected area and let it dry. To unify, apply a thin layer of varnish to the entire nail. After you have finished getting dressed, apply a nourishing cream to your hands. Next, use a large brush to apply a veil powder that is barely iridescent to your face. They’ll stay soft and beautiful all night!