Six Ways to Recycle Dead Trees

Your tree will eventually reach the end of its active life, providing shade, wind cover and privacy as well as food. However, the death of a tree does not mean it cannot reincarnate to serve other purposes. Here are six ways to give life to your dead tree. If you’re facing extensive damages to your yard and home because of fallen trees or branches (either your own or those of your neighbors), you can depend on GO NOW AAA Tree Service. We won’t just help you take care of cleaning up, removing hazardous or fallen trees or assist with emergency tarp installations.

Woodchips, Mulch & Firewood

You can make firewood from your dead tree by chipping it down or making woodchips. Mulch has many benefits for trees, including protection, moisture, and aesthetics. A hardware store may have a wood chipper that you can rent. Although it may take some effort to split and stack your firewood yourself, the reward of doing so is well worth it.

Learn more about the importance and value of mulch here and there.

Wildlife Nesting Site

Many dead trees can be left standing and not pose a danger to safety. Except for ash trees, which can become more fragile and fall, most dead trees can be left standing. You can make the branches into a hotel for bees by drilling holes in the sides if you decide to chop the tree.


You might consider milling a valuable tree sawlog to make lumber for your home. You can reduce waste and conserve forest resources by using wood from trees that have to be cut down. A few local mill operators will even bring a portable sawmill right to your house. For a complete list of sawmill operations in your area, visit the county Conservation District forester or County Extension office.

Landscape Design

You don’t have to limit your use of dead tree wood to landscaping. There are many creative ways you can use dead tree wood to add artistic appeal to your property, including painting, carving and fencing. You can add character and color to your landscape by painting medium-sized trees. Glow in the Dark paint is another option. You can cut down the tree(s), but you can also lay the trunks along the fence line in your garden to maintain a natural look to your backyard. You can leave the wood as it is or create amazing art from it.


Wood is the most common material used in furniture, so why not make your own? You can use stumps as coasters, side tables, coffee tables and benches. Stumps can be used as planters or branches by hollowing them out.

Tree Path/Walkway

Tree cookies can be traded in for the traditional stone pathways. Tree cookies are cross-cut pieces of wood that are laid in a walkway. They are usually placed over mulch or other materials to keep them in place. Seal them to preserve the wood grain appearance. This is an affordable way to pave a pathway.