Practical Plumbing Tips for Beginners

Are you willing to learn how to fix minor plumbing problems? Do it yourself, and you could save hundreds of dollars on dripping faucets and overflowing toilets. You can prevent minor plumbing services issues from becoming major problems that require professional attention. It shouldn’t take too much effort to find the right people to do your plumbing work. Flowright plumbing service is a company that has been in the plumbing business for over three decades. Our experts are well-trained and certified and use high-quality tools and materials to provide outstanding services for both residential and business properties.

Do not be afraid to replace parts in your toilet

If you make a mistake, plumbing service removing pipes from under your sink or shower could cause serious problems. You can only damage very few things by replacing your faucet’s cartridge or flapper.

Get rid of clogs without using chemicals

Don’t spend a lot of money on drain cleaners if your drain is slow to clear. A drain snake can be used to manually unclog your drain. Simply insert the drain snake into the drain, and then pull it out with the (hopefully!) clog culprit. To get rid of the clog, you can use a dry/wet shop vacuum.

For issues, check your showerhead

A thread tape is a great way to fix a leaky showerhead. The leak is likely caused by threads not connecting tightly. To stop the drip, unscrew the showerhead and wrap the tape in a clockwise fashion.

For about an hour, you can soak the showerhead in warm water and vinegar if it is blocked. To remove any minerals that may be blocking the spray, use a small brush.

Use Thread Tape instead of Thread Sealing Compounds

Pipe dope, also known as thread sealing compound, can drip or smear. Thread tape is a good choice for DIY projects that involve pipe threads. Multi-purpose tape is available in white. A thicker tape will be yellow for gas and pink for water. For easier handling, choose one of the thicker options.

Heat can be used to loosen tough water pipe fittings

You can’t loosen the trap beneath the sink or to the pipe fitting, no matter what you do with a pipe wrench. It is nearly impossible to remove hardened fittings with brute force.

To loosen old, hardened pipe dope, heat might be possible. You can use a small propane torch to do the job, but it will take a while before you see any results. Protect nearby walls with heat-resistant material.

Get your water heater more efficient

Make sure your water heater thermostat is not too high. You should be able turn down the temperature to 115 degrees without sacrificing hot water. Insulating your water heater tank is also a good idea. This will ensure hot water stays hotter for longer. However, it is important to not cover the thermostat. Many utilities offer inexpensive or free insulation blankets that can be easily installed.