How to add a garden room to an outbuilding


Outbuildings are cheaper than expensive extensions. However, they will add more living space to your home but can’t be used as a sleeping area unless you have permission. Outbuildings include garden rooms, greenhouses, office sheds, huts, and greenhouses. While their primary purpose is to be enjoyed, it is also practical.


You have many options. The type of outbuilding that you choose will depend on your needs, whether you are building it yourself or renting. It will help you decide what you need. You will also need to decide early whether Wi-Fi, electrics or heating are necessary. Modern Garden Rooms are beautiful handmade modern garden spaces. They can be used throughout the year as studios, Garden Offices spaces or even as outdoor gardens. Installation across the entire UK.

A large shed might be the best option if storage is a priority. However, a simple, small garden room would work well if you are looking for a place to relax, watch movies, or just enjoy your lazy summer (or winter) days. You may need more space if you are looking to create a studio or office in your garden.


The cost of a Garden Office Pod or outbuilding will vary depending on its size, whether it is modular or bespoke, the quality of the materials used, the doors and windows chosen, the insulation required, and the interior and exterior finishes.

Expect to pay between PS2,000-PS30,000 for a modular kit. You can expect to pay between PS800-PS1,600 per square metre for a custom-built building.

Heating, ventilation, insulation, and electricity are all required for an all-year room. You can choose a bespoke option. However, make sure that the price includes mains electricity. To relay power through armoured cable, a Part P licensed electrician must be hired. This will run you between PS300 and 500. A certificate should be issued certifying that the work is compliant with current regulations.


These are the two main options for garden rooms.

A modular garden room can be ordered in kits and delivered with some basic customization options. However, a custom option can be created to fit your space and built on-site.

A modular outbuilding allows you to know exactly what you will be getting and how much. Many companies will sell add-ons such as insulation, door, window, and storage options. This allows you to customize your kit. You will have to be very specific about the size and shape of your building, which might not work well on a narrow plot.

You can save money by buying modular buildings that are pre-assembled and have the roof and walls already assembled. It’s best to have an experienced DIYer and a pair of hands. Remember that the main part of the job includes the excavation of the site, and the construction of the base, whether it is concrete, blocks, paving, or timber. You could hire a local builder if the task is too difficult or ask your supplier for a build-service.

Is it cheaper to build your own garden room?

Spear built his outdoor office room from scratch, which cost him PS3,000. This is in contrast to the cost of pre-made garden offices that are this large (ranging from PS12,000 to PS20,000). A garden room or office can increase your property’s value by 5%, making it a good investment for homeowners.

Spear stated that spending PS1-3k on a home office will pay for it in a few years. Small rented offices of comparable size (with a 30m2 footprint) can cost from PS1000 pa plus rates to PS5k.

However, for those who don’t have the time or desire to build their sheds, a pre-made shed could be more affordable than renting office space. An office shed can be a great option to increase profitability and differentiate your work.