Cavern of Souls

Choose a type of creature when Cavern of Souls enters on the battlefield

  • Add.

Add one color mana to your spell. This mana can only be used to cast a spell on a creature of the selected type. It cannot be countered.

How to find the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector in Destiny 2? Clear the encounter to take your loot.

The first thing you need to do is to head over to The Sludge’s landing area. Continue straight ahead and into the stream. Continue following the path for a while, before turning left towards the nearby warehouses. Turn right at the end westwinds real estate to see the Lost Sector symbol, which is just behind the truck. Swing right, and you will enter the Cavern of Souls. It is not scary.

We’ve tried to show you how to find the Cavern of Souls. Sometimes it’s better to go there yourself. We’ve embedded below a video that will show you how to find it and what nasty things can be found within its depths. If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs-up and subscribe to the channel to receive more Destiny 2 content. We’ve included a brief summary text below the video to help you get rid of the mini-boss at its end.

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  1. Once you are at the main entrance, continue down the winding, rocky passage until you reach the cavern.
  2. It will suddenly get dark and you’ll be able to see Taken enemies ahead. It is a good idea to get a Scout Rifle so you can pick them up from a distance. Expect more enemies to appear when you pull the trigger. Be patient and drop them one at a time.
  3. Slowly turn to the left and climb up the gentle slope. There will be some more difficult Taken enemies, including Hobgoblins. These should be prioritized. Keep moving forward, but take care once you reach the hole in the wall. A Wizard will start bombarding you with shots.
  4. Duck to one side, and take them out. Then you can go into the room with Blights. It’s now time to get a close-range weapon burtonsville real estate and cover yourself with the large pillar to your left. You can either melee or shoot through the mobs, and throw a grenade in the fray when you see a cluster of Taken.
  5. Once you have cleared the area, continue to the left and take the narrow path around. You’ll eventually reach another room with two Blights. Do not fall, but instead eliminate the threats from your range.
    1. After you have cleared out the trash, you icon cooler will be facing mini-boss Varghul Fragment Of Oryx. You can either pop your Super and lie into him or you can stay far away and poke his glowing eyes until he falls. To do maximum damage, you can also dance with him close-range. However, we recommend that you whip out your Shotgun or Sword.
  6. You’ll find the glowing crate at the back of the room when he’s gone. This is the Lost Sector!