7 Best Microwaves Over-the-Range

A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance. OTR microwaves, or over-the-range microwaves, can be mounted above your stove. These appliances are a great alternative to a countertop microwave and can be installed over your stove. They also give your kitchen a clean, modern look.

OTR microwaves, unlike countertop models, are not portable and come at a higher cost. However, they have exhaust fans that can be used as a stove top ventilation system to remove smoke, steam, and other cooking odors. A microwave over-the range replaces a rangehood. Nearly all building codes require that a venting system be installed above a stovetop. However, an oven-to-microwave ventilation system won’t usually vent as well as one over the range.

Over-the-Range Microwave

Aside from an impressive 10-year limited warranty, Samsung’s microwaves also come a in four fingerprint-resistant finishes, has great features, and boasts a very affordable price tag. The microwave has 1.8 cubic feet of cooking area, sensor cooking, nine preset cook modes, child locks, and the ability to disable glass turntable. The ceramic enameled interior claims it is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. It has also been praised by reviewers for being easy to install. This is also our top pick because of its low price.

Combination of a Microwave Hood and a Low Profile Microwave Hood

Although the model is 10 1/4 inches tall, it does not have a low profile. The microwave’s 1.1-cubic foot capacity is capable of generating 1000 watts and sensor cooking. It also features a 400 CFM venting fan system with four speeds and a nonstick interior. You can still fit a 9×13-inch casserole dish and a 4-cup measuring cup inside. The sleek design hides the control panel, but not the clock, behind the door. We also like the five finishes available, including a stylish sunset bronze.

Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Convection microwaves can be used as both a microwave and small oven. Sharp’s convection microwave is a great choice if you are looking for a microwave that can bake, roast, broil and cook in your RV. The microwave comes in two sizes: 1.1 and 1.5 cubic feet. It has eight programs and eleven power settings. There is also a range-illuminating work light that allows you to see what’s being cooked on the range below. Some reviewers have complained about condensation building up behind glass.

Over-the-Range Microwave

The 1000-watt model features sensor cooking and 30 preset options. It also has 1.7 cubic feet of cook space. The model also features the “space wise rack”, a 2-level cooking system that allows you to cook multiple items at once. It also comes in a trendy black stainless steel finish.

Microwave Oven Profile Over-the Range Sensor

Despite its impressive 2.1 cubic feet of cooking area, the GE 1050 watt microwave fits perfectly into a 30-inch-wide cabinet opening. The Chef Connect bluetooth function connects to a GE range and turns on the cooking lights. It also keeps the clocks in sync. This is its most distinctive feature. There are ten power levels, a four speed 400CFM venting system and four speeds. Its sleek design is loved by reviewers, but the control panel’s location means it is more susceptible to steam and heat from range cookers than side-paneled models.

Profile Oven Over-the-Range with Advantium Technology

You won’t find a microwave with more unique features than this GE microwave that combines microwave energy, halogen light and European convection. These technologies, according to GE, work together to cook food faster than in a traditional oven. The 1.7-foot microwave has 175 preset menu options and 30 custom recipe times. The control panel is illuminated and there are two convection cooking racks that can be removed so you can cook multiple items at once.

Microwave Oven with Over-the-Range

This sensor microwave claims to have the largest cooking area at over 2.2 cubic feet and a 14.6 inch turntable. The Extendavent drawer, which can be pulled out to increase venting, is the most distinctive feature of this microwave. The Extendavent technology makes wiping stains easy, it has ten power levels and a melt/soften function that bakers love. The only problem with the device is the constant, loud beeping after you finish cooking.