25 Blue Bathrooms to Recharge and Relax

25 Blue Bathrooms to Recharge and Relax

Shades of Blue Bathrooms are a great choice if you’re looking to add color to your bathroom design. A room that is focused on water’s role in keeping us clean and healthy will be a natural fit.

For a classic coastal look that transports you to the Aegean, or California coast, it can be paired well with white paint or fixtures. The shade and amount of blue you choose can make it light or dark and moody, and energizing or electric.

This blue bathroom shows how versatile this popular color can be when designing a bathroom you’ll love to spend time in for years.

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1 Mix Cement Tiles

Jessica Risko Smith from JRS ID was the interior designer for this stunning bathroom. She chose two distinct tile patterns in different shades of blue. A mix of cement tiles in light and dark blues adds depth to the floor. They also carry the look to the large glass walk-in tub. The sink vanity wall features a medium-toned, blue tile with white decorative details. This is complemented by a decorative round mirror in white. The vanity and under-sink storage are finished with wood touches that add warmth to the overall color scheme.

2 Gorgeous Shades of Blue

Decus Interiors has used moody blue wall paint to echo the veined marble vanity in this bathroom. A cement tile floor adds softness to the bathroom. Kelly Wearstler’s vintage mirror and Pill light fixtures complete the sophisticated, polished design.

3 Add Farmhouse Vibes

Kate Marker Interiors painted the small powder room in a soothing medium-toned, powdery blue. The farmhouse sink is modern and the beige textiles, such as the half-curtains that are pompom-trimmed, add warmth.

4 Deeper

This bathroom is designed by Erin Williamson Design and features deep blue Moroccan zellige tile tiles. The tiles are complemented by gold accents.

5 Be Authentic

JRS ID did a historic restoration in this blue-andwhite bathroom. It used period period tiles that were custom-replicated from 1930s designs and authentic period plumbing fixtures. Black accents add a graphic touch to the room that enhances the vintage-style design.

6 Add Texture to the Wall

White Sands Design Build’s coastal bathroom has textured, deep blue walls. They give it a lively but calm feel and compliment the white and wood tones.

7 Make It Royal

Tyler Karu Interiors painted some of Bath’s irregularly shaped walls in a vivid royal and installed the blue-andwhite-patterned floor tile in a bathtub niche. This created storage and a focal feature.

8 Space Defined

Cathie Hong Interiors has installed a San Francisco condo with a bathtub and shower wall in soft blue tiles. They are laid in a vertical offset pattern and have thick grout. This gives the room more dimension.

9 Electrify It

This small bathroom’s walls are covered in electric blue square wall tiles by Erin Williamson Design. The bold color is offset by lots of white and black plumbing fixtures.

Keep it Quiet

The soft blue hues of the floor tiles and walls are complemented by pale blue paint and antique brass fixtures, which honor the Edwardian heritage of this elegant London bathroom design by Studio Peake.

11 Choose a Milky Midtone

Emily Henderson Design created this bathroom with milky mid-tone, matte blue walls. It creates a calm feel and provides a backdrop for vintage art and modern appliances.

12 Triangulate it

White Sands Design Build created this coastal bathroom with triangular tile in a graphic pattern. It stands out from the rest. The rich colors are brought out by the pale grout and a rustic wood vanity.

13 Pick a Bold Design

Desiree Burns Interiors created this powder room with bold blue-andwhite wallpaper. It covers the upper half of the wall in bold leafy patterns that add personality to an otherwise plain room.

14 Add a Gray Shade

Erin Williamson Design covered this bathroom’s walls with Blue Gray paint by Farrow & Ball. It adds a subtle touch of blue to the vintage chandelier and vanity that were made from an old table with a marble top.

15 Add Retro Glamour

Mary Patton Design’s glamorous bathroom has a Venetian Mirror hanging above a skirted basin, silver-toned pipes, drapey window coverings and powder blue walls.

16 Link it Up

The powder room by Interior Impressions interior designer Amy Leferink features a wall with bold blue-andwhite chain-link wallpaper, and a small crystal chandelier at the ceiling.

17 Select a Blue Sink

The bathroom is accessed through a pale-blue door by Ashley Montgomery Design. It features dark illustrations, an antique-styled mirror, a backsplash, and a round, powder blue sink.

18 Add Purple Tones

Ursula Carmona from Home Made By Carmona’s bathroom has a simple design, a neutral palette and is topped off with a coat wall paint that crosses the line between purple or blue.

19 Be Square

Fantastic Frank has used large square wall tiles in deep blue to cover the walls of this Swedish bathroom. This adds depth and contrast with the white and wood tones throughout.

20 Paint the Sky

Although blue is a popular choice for bathroom color, this Berlin bathroom design by Fantastic Frank is not. This bathroom is located in an attic apartment on the roof. It has a clawfoot tub and a variety of plants. There’s also a vintage-style sofa to relax between baths. A tall wall in a celestial color of blue mimics the sky view through the transparent ceiling.

21 Channel Ocean

A Beautiful Mess transformed this awkward corner into a feature by using small, sea-blue floor to ceiling mosaic tiles to make it stand out.

22 Floor Focus

To bring more blue tones to your bathroom, you can focus on one thing. This is Fantastic Frank’s blue-patterned tile floor. It transforms a basic bathroom on the Spanish Island of Mallorca into something special.

23 Drench The Walls in Navy

Casa Watkins Living’s bathroom has a simple bathroom in navy blue that demonstrates the mood-changing power a bold color can have.

24 Hexagons on the Rise

Jessica Nelson Design created this bungalow bathroom with white walls and a wooden vanity. It also has gold accents and a shower enclosure covered in deep-blue hexagonal tiles. This gives it a seaside feel that is geometric.

25 Flood the Zone

Fantastic Frank created this Scandinavian apartment in Stockholm with multi-colored blue mosaic tile on the floor. It also covers the small bathroom in blues that remind one of an old school swimming pool.

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